Typically, your emoji art should reach you within 7-9 days of placing an order. In case you order an emoji pack or other services, the times will be: 

- A pack of 5 emojis will take around 15 days.

- Emoji sticker app needs basic development and set the App Store presence. It’s an app for iMessage, so it needs some code to integrate your pet emojis in the app. As this is not a common app (you will not see the icon on the phone, only on iMessage), Apple made the process simple, so we only need to integrate on iMessage. After the emoji art and the integration, we prepare the App Store presence (icon, screenshots, keywords, description, privacy policy…) and sent to review. All the process will usually takes around 30 days. 

-Emoji Keyboard app. As you imagine, it will take the longest. We need to do all the previous steps (emoji art + sticker app). After that we start to develop a custom keyboard including your pet emojis, brand/name and fonts,. At the same time, part of the team build a full app with all sharing features (from the app, download to the phone…), user tutorials, llinks to your social media, site and contact forms for support or just to say hello.  When we finish the development and after make the necessary tests, we prepare and publish it on the App Store and Google Play. It usually takes around 70-80 days.