First step in creating your very own pet emoji:

Tap the "+" button located on the top left of your screen. You will be asked to pick your pet's species (dog and cat are available for selection). After this, the app will display you a list of breeds for the chosen animal to select from. Pick a breed and you're all set to start creating!

Species and breed selection

Creation screen: what is what?

Creation screen

1. Tap this button to go back without saving your emoji.

2. This button allows you to save your work.

3. The toolbar offers various functionalities:

        -'Remove' button allows you to remove the selected accessory if you aren't happy with how it looks. Select the item you don't want to show anymore and then tap on this option.

        -'Random': if you're feeling uninspired and needing a little push or just curious about what the app can do, this button will randomly create an emoji for you from the available options - from there, you can take over and edit.

        -'Adjust' option allows you to move accessories around the screen and resize them. For example, if you want glasses you can easily resize them to fit your pet and position them to cover eyes properly, or neatly perch a hat on top of their head in the exact position you'd like.

        -'Share': of course, an app like this wouldn't be complete without an option to share your work with friends. Tap this button to access options allowing you to show off your creation.

4. Category selection bar: This allows you to create your emoji bit by bit; all the options from distinct facial features such as fur patterns and ear/nose shape to charming accessories like hats or glasses are available to choose from here and be displayed on (5) to customize. These options are, in order shown: fur pattern, eye, snoot, and ear shape, headwear, accessory and eyewear.

5. Image selection: Here's where you decide on how your emoji will look like by selecting items and colors (sometimes you will be offered multiple colors as well, in things such as fur pattern for more colorful doggos) from a variety of offered options, related to the category you chose on (4).

Some options allow you to mix and match colors; note the lines of colored circles above and below the image selection strip. These are color selectors; for example, you choose a fur pattern from the selection and then you can use the top color selector to decide on a primary color and the bottom selector to choose a secondary color.

Note that some options are locked to guest users - they will be displayed with a lock icon over it and will become available to use should you decide to become a premium user by subscribing.

With this, you've got everything you need to know in order to start creating your emojis.