Tapping the gear button on the top right of your screen to bring up the menu which allows you to access the app functions other than the emoji creator itself.

1. Sharing options

This section allows you to save your emojis as pictures or use them in WhatsApp. For more information, check the following articles:

       -Download all your emojis

       -Export to WhatsApp stickers

2. In-app help base

Provides a guide on how to use various features of the app. For more information, check the following article:

       -In-app help base

3. Restore purchases

If you change devices and want to access your purchases on your new device, this option is how you do it. More information in this article:

       -Restore purchases

4. Feedback & developer contact

If you want to make your voice heard by us, this section will allow you to make it so. Details can be found in the following article:

       -Feedback & developer contact