Welcome to the DogGoArt app! This guide will cover the app from the very moment that you boot it up. The first time you open the app, after the introduction video you will be offered the opportunity to choose between an emoji creator and an AI art tool, in the screen as follows:

For a guide on the AI art tool, check out this article: Creating AI generated image art. Please note that AI tool is a premium option - more information can be found here: Subscription offers. For a guide on the classic emoji tool, continue following this article.
After selecting the "Manual" option, the screen which you'll see will allow you to select a species of your pet (currently cat and dog are available), and then it's breed as depicted:

Should you wish to create an emoji immediately, our emoji creation guide found here will tell you all you need to know. Alternatively, if you want to explore the app first instead, by tapping the "Skip" option you will go to the Home screen. The home guide and functionality guide serve to explain everything that can be done here.

Good luck and happy creating!

Get DogGoArt on the App Store here.