This section will allow you to choose your pet's fur pattern and markings, as well as their color. When picking the fur option from the selector, you will see a screen like this one:

The image strip denoted with a "Markings" label is where you select the fur pattern you want. Both above and below it you will notice lines of colored circles - these are color selectors. As dog and cat fur can be pretty colorful so you can mix and match colors in the app: there are two selectors: upper one dictates the main fur color while lower one allows you to choose the color of fur markings. You can also select for your emoji to have no markings by tapping the red "x" at the start of the selection strip - in which case you will only have one, main fur color.

You might also sometimes notice that your emoji's ears and snout differ in color from both the main fur color and the marking color. This is because these features have their own color selectors, accessible by choosing their category from the category selec

Both color selectors and the fur pattern selectors can be swiped left-right to access more options.

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