After selecting the species and breed of your pet, you will see a screen like this:

Creation screen

Labeled parts of the screen have functions as follows. Some parts which might require more explanation will have guides of their own, which you can access by clicking/tapping on links in the following list:

Creation screen: the functionalities

1. Tap this button to go back without saving your emoji.

2. This button allows you to save your work.

3. The toolbar offers various functionalities, described in the toolbar guide:

      -Creating your emoji: the toolbar

4. Category selection bar: This allows you to create your emoji bit by bit; all the options from distinct facial features such as fur patterns and ear/nose shape to charming accessories like hats or glasses are available to choose from here and be displayed on (5) to customize. These options are, in order shown: fur pattern, eyes, snout, ears, headwear, body accessory, eyewear and speech bubbles. If your screen can't show all the options at once, swipe left or right to access more of them. 

If you tap on the same category twice, you might end up de-selecting it, meaning that no category is selected. Simply select any category again to continue editing.

5. Image selection: Here's where you decide on how your emoji will look like by selecting options and customizing them. These articles, which group options based on how they work, should tell you everything you need to know.

       -Creating your emoji: fur pattern and color

       -Creating your emoji: facial features

Facial features encompass eyes, snout and ears.

       -Creating your emoji: accessories

Accessories are headwear, body accessory, eyewear and speech bubbles.

Note that some options are locked to guest users - they will be displayed with a lock icon over it and will become available to use should you decide to become a premium user by subscribing.

With this, you've got everything you need to know in order to start creating your emojis.

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